Discovering the Port towns of South Australia 

Along the coastline of South Australia, you can discover some of the most picturesque porting towns. 

Port Augusta Known as the crossroads in Australia since the Pre European times. It’s had significant value when it’s comes to main trade routes. With a great supply of food and a chain of waterholes. Today the shipping port offers support for the pastoral industry. 

Port Augusta is an inviting spot, right on the doorstep to explore the Spencer Gulf and the outback. Definitely a hidden gem in South Australia.

Set on the coast of Spencer Gulf, is the beautiful and unique botanic gardens. With more than 150 species of birds. It’s an ultimate haven with a backdrop view of the Flinders range.

Driving south of Port Augusta we stopped at Port Germein, nestled beside the Flinders range, this sea side town is home to Australias longest jetty.  

A Perfect spot for fishing, a day trip to the sea or for exploring the surrounding area.  

Port Perie, known today as a cultural centre, this porting town offers a unique gallery at the tourism centre. We also enjoyed breakfast at the local bakery. Great value prices for tasty food. 

Port Broughton situated at the top of the Yorke Penulisua, nestled in a beautiful bay setting.  It’s a great weekend getaway. Peaceful, perfect for families and only 2 hours from Adelaide. An Ideal for a spot for fishing. We stayed here for several nights catching up with friends from Germany.  


Coober Pedy the underground town and Opal capital of the world. 

In the heart of the South Australia outback,  is the multi cultural mining town. 

Since the 1960s it rapidly expanded, with Europeans moving in to make there fortunes. 

Also today it is famous for its underground homes, Churches and shops. It’s definitely a place for the curious eye. 

Discovered in 1914, by a young boy who wander away from his camp to find water. He later returned, informing the camp he had found a waterhole aswell as bag of opal. Over the years the rush for opal expanded and the population increased. 

Today there are tours on offer to get an insight into the Opal capital of the world. Offering you a chance to see some spectacular scenery.  

         The open road (Stuart highway) 


The wonders of the red centre (exploring Uluru , Kata Tjuta and Kings canyon)  

Central Australia stretching over hundreds of kilometres, you can discover some of the most unique and fascinating places in Australia.  One of Australias most iconic places is situated in the heart of the outback, is the beautiful world heritage site Uluru. 

  Sunrise beside this magnificent place 
 Rich in history and spiritually, this place is well worth visiting. 

From Alice Springs we started our road trip towards the West Macdonnell ranges and the Watarraka national park. 

Estimated to be over 300 million years old this oasis in the desert is spectacular. With some of the tallest mountains in NT can be seen in this park. 

The key attractions being Ellery Creek big hole, Ormiston Gorge and Glen Helen. 

Definitely recommend Camping under the stars whilst exploring this area.

Ellery Creek, perfect spot for a picnic and swim

Ormiston Gorge a pleasant spot for a swim.

Glen Helen a beautiful haven for wildlife, stunning scenery and perfect for a cool dip

               Great Bush camping setup 

  Redback Gorge Peaceful and stunning my                favourite swimming hole. 

Heading South along the Mereenie loop road, which requires a permit. This can be purchased either from the tourism office in Alice springs or at the Glen Helen homestead for a small price of $5 which is valid for 3 days. 

Kings canyon a spectacular sandstone chasm. Offered referred as the Grand Canyon of Australia. 

With many choices of hikes. The rim walk is well worth doing, giving you stunning views into the depths of the chasm and it’s abundance of plant life. Know as the garden of Eden.

Ulruru being the spiritual heart, it’s just so magnificent, during the day the colours shift regularly as the sky reflects on it. 

Sunrise and sunset being the most picturesque times. 

Uluru is a sacred site, and comes with the most fascinating stories shared by the Aboriginals. 


Also within a short distance of Uluru is the sacred site Kata Tjuta known also as the Olgas. Several walks are available but advise to be started early morning, they provide fantastic views of the stunning landscape through the desert. 


These national parks are an absolute must whilst in Central Australia. 


The Kangaroo sanctuary,  the home of Kangaroo Dundee 

Situated in the heart of the Red centre on a 188 acre wildlife reserve. Is the lovely picturesque kangaroo sanctuary. 

The home of Brolga and his family of kangaroos. 

We got to enjoy a pleasant sunset walk through the sanctuary,  meeting lots of curious roos. Brolga shows deep passion and knowledge about what he does. He is an excellent host and really knows how to educate his audience. 

It was such a lovely experience especially feeding and enjoying lots of cuddles with baby joey’s.

The guided sunset tours run from Tuesday to friday,  this is the best time to witness the animals. You will definitely get up close and understand more about these magnificent creatures. 

Definitely a safe haven for kangaroos.  


Cattle station life in central Australia 

Central Australia is a beautiful and unique place, also known as the red centre.

The climate, the relaxed pace, or the scenery. It’s different for everyone but its attractive to everyone. 

We headed South down the Stuart highway towards Alice Springs.

Stopping at the Devils marbles along the way. These are huge granite boulders spread over a valley.

They are a great significance to the aboriginal people.

Passing many small towns along the way. With a lot of emptiness, and night sky full of stars. It really gave you a true feeling of the outback experience. 

We were fornunate to recieve a job offer East of Alice working on a Cattle station with over 6,000 cattle. 

It was a dream experience come true to work on a cattle station whilst in Australia. 

The red dirt, 40 degree days, and being 200km from the nearest town, sounds extreme. But it gave me the true essence of Australia. 

It all made me fall in love with the outback. 

We spent our time on the station working as all-rounders. I started around 530am and finished often around 730pm. In between being the station cook for all the workers, I cared from the calves and managed the station store. It was long days, but I found it an experience and would enjoy my spare time around the station where I could. 

Markus often did the town runs once a week. Collecting deliveries etc from Alice Springs. The town itself, is in the geographical centre of Australia. The main hub for all the surrounding areas. 

Since the 1800s Alice springs has attracted famous pioneers, investors and Cattlemen to success. Many projects were achieved including the overland telegraph line and the invention of motorised road train. 

The town today has all the local amenities, it’s the central hub for remote communities and industries. 

Alice springs is a thriving tourism hub, with endless activities around the area many which are of great significance to the aboriginal people. 

With many amazing attractions available especially the surrounding landscapes. Whether your interested in a scenic flight, hot air balloon ride, exploring a working cattle station , a relaxing camel ride or a buffet dinner under the stars.

Alice is a true outback town with great diversity. Leaving people wanting to see more. 


Darwin and Litchfield National Park 

Beautiful sunsets, crocodiles encounters,  rich in history and Asian food markets Darwin has something for everyone. 

This waterfront city is the capital of NT, home to over 50 cultures and has the warm heat all year round.
Travelling from Broome in Western Australia after 3.5 months there, Darwin was a big shock.

With Plenty of shops, restaurants, attractions we felt spoilt for choice. 

The temperature towards the end of the year begin to heat up more which brings a lot of humidity. For ourselves this was pretty unbearable, our aircon apartment was a really treasure especially after weeks living in our Landcruiser. 

One of the most famous attractions in Darwin, is Mindal beach situated close to the city centre. Mindal is well known for the incredible sunsets. 

Thursday and Sundays they host a huge night Market along the beach front. Endless choices of food and gifts to purchase. 

Darwin is rich in history, dating back to WW2. The military museum displays Darwins role during the war.

Wandering around the CBD gives you a feel of this vibrant city. Mitchell Street being the main street. It’s also known for party central. A haven for young travellers. With Plenty of accommodation around, and bars with generous happy hours. 

We spent several days soaking up what the city has to offer.

Considered a short drive from Darwin, Litchfield is home to rock formations and stunning waterfalls cascading into beautiful swimming holes.

The park requires no entrance fee, but provides campsites within the park for a small fee. The park is named after Frederick Henry Litchfield a member of the first Europeans to discover this area. 

You can easily spend up to a week, exploring the area. The Magnetic Termite hills being the first main point of interest,  they are standing north /south orientation and are the most fascinating termite mounds. 

With Plenty of swimming areas, the Buley Rockhole, Florence falls and the Whangi falls being the favourite spots to enjoy. Whangi falls provides easy access, to the area, with a cafe and overnight camping. 

We were very fortunate to enjoy these crystal clear swimming holes almost alone. Just a short drive from Darwin, it’s a great day trip to escape all the hustle of city life. 

With optional 4 wheel drive tracks, we ventured to the Sandy Creek falls, this one being my favourite, nesting in a valley, it’s uncrowded and very picturesque. 


Exploring Katherine and the surrounding area.

In the heart of NT where the tropics meet the outback. Katherine is a place not to be missed whilst in Australia. 

Katherine being the third largest town in NT, its home to the beautiful Nitmiluk National Park. Only a short drive from the township. Katherine Gorge has become the main attraction within the park and has many reasons why. 

13 gorges carved out of ancient sandstone,  this place is home to an array of wildlife. Including crocodiles and fruitbats and has some stunning views to offer. It’s also free of charge to enter the park.

This was our first point of interest when travelling through NT after several days on the road. Passing through small towns with temperatures over 35 degrees. It felt nice to find explore a new place. 

This national park offers endless hiking trails from very short to 5 days. Something which requires preparation especially in the dry season. We were experiencing 35+ degrees with humidity. Boat trips and canoe hire is available within the park which provides stunning views, whilst exploring different levels of the Gorge.

We decided to opt for a couple of short walks which provided view points of the Gorge.

Heading north up the Nitmiluk national park.  You can discover the stunning Edith falls. I found this one to be my favourite spot.

It offers bush walking , a lovely natural pool for swimming and a perfect place for a picnic. 

It was so blissful sitting beside the water, for an afternoon. 

Katherine provides all the amenities needed, due to being a busy hub. It’s also home to a lovely thermal Creek. Perfect swimming and relaxing spot especially with the locals.

After spending a decent amount of time in the area, we decided to travel further north towards Darwin. Stopping overnight in the town of Adelaide river. Home to the famous Charlie the buffalo from crocodile Dundee and also a important resting place for many people who lost there lives during WW2. 

This area offers several caravan parks with all the amenities. The Adelaide Inn campsite charges only 15 dollars a night during off-peak. We enjoyed the use of the pool, washing machine and even a Beer in the Roadhouse.

Feeling refreshed and ready to travel we headed north.